Start of the jubilee of Beethoven! 800 „Wohnzimmerkonzerte“ in Germany. Music, litary, lectures and performances. Artists, locations and guests find together! December  2019   – 15th December 2019

curator: Andreas Kern


selected for the Beethoven jubilee 2020

interactive artactions, performances , videos , compositions, algorithms and more…





The long way to Monument – Der lange Weg zum Monument

Vernissage: on 25th November 2019, 6pm

Exhibition: 25th November 2019 – 22 nd December 2019

Nominated for the monument against force to women



in Preparation:   jubilee  BEETHOVEN

100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht- 100 years right to vote for women- I EAT MY DEMOCRACY


Exhibition: 14th April 2019 – 1 st November 2019

museum of women, Bonn

Performances,video and photos:


International Triennale of Paper Art – Global Paper 4 – KARTENHAUS (performance video)

Vernissage: on 12th May 2018, 7pm

Exhibition: 13th May 2018 – 7 th October 2018

– at the Deggendorf museums.

Performance /Video                Camera/Cut : Brigitte Neufeldt(video)

FREUNDINNEN – FRIENDS (with Yingmei Duan)

from romantic drawing room(saloon)

to networks today

18.02. – 16.09.2018 , Frauenmuseum Bonn

SHAVE & TALK TO MYSELF – Project with Yingmei Duan

Meeting point: Performance and Performative Installation Art, Video Art connection


Art Live Tour 3 Art Live Now Tour 2017 (Athen-Venice-Düsseldorf-Documenta-Project-Sculpture Projects-Munster)

7.- 9. July             Athens Greece, front gate of the Acropolis Museum
10. – 12. July,       Venice, Italy,       San Marco Piazza
13. July,                Düsseldorf, Germany, Lichtstraße 52 D
14. – 16. July        Kassel, Germany, DOCUMENTA,(u.a. Friedrichsplatz)
17. – 18. July,       Munster  & Dusseldorf, Germany, Sculpture Projects in Munster
Activity Arrangement
Art Now Live Tour Festival will make it debut embark on Europe. Welcome every artist who wants to createartwork in Europe to join me on this artistic journey. I are here to callon every participants to get inspired and create your own work along our tour in Europe. Then more excellent performance work will be conducted this

Curator: Cai Qing, Juan Xu
Assistant Curators : Chen Yuzhi

Participating Artists: Dargma- I Glausnitzr- Smith(UK),Nia Pushkarove( Bulgaria),Liu Xue,Tan Tan,Sophie Saporosi (Belgium),Lei Lei,Lü Kaiqi,Shen Yun,Ren Qian,Li Yuming,Pang Yun,Yun Yan,Xu Zi(New York),Yuzuru Maeda(Japan),Joan Low (Singapore), Su I-hsin(Taiwan),Andrew Lam(Hong Kong),Zhang Jie, Marcus Kaiser(Germany)Beate Linne(Germany), John(Germany),Claudia Urrutia (France),Jiny Lan(Germany),Christine Straszewski(Germany),Silvia M. Philipp(Germany)

Präsenz, Kritik, Utopie – Presence, criticism, utopia, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

Project with Brigitte Neufeldt and Anne von der Vring

26.08. – 24.09.

Frauen in der Reformation: Katharina von Bora Table Talks-Tischgespräche – Frauenmuseum, Bonn

15.01.2017 bis 31.10.2017, Frauenmuseum Bonn

Art-Film:Table Talks-Tischgespräche- Silvia M. Philipp alias Katharina von Bora with: brandstifter, Inge Broska, Vincenzo and Gennaro Castaldo, Jakob de Chirico, Kiddy Citny, Isabel Hernandez, Iny and Elmar Lorentz, Gerrit von Velsen, Richard Williams and Juan Xu